Skull and crossbones

Welcome to Conner 4

Welcome to Conner Four, one of nine floors in MIT’s Burton-Conner House and home of the Conner Four Pirates. We are proud to maintain a diverse and supportive culture centered around individual expression, free food, and, if the fancy strikes us, a tour of pillaging and plundering upon the high seas. Whether your interests lie in dessert engineering or functional programming, whether “social activity” means intramural soccer or intramural Starcraft, and whether your favorite television series is Glee or The Wire, you’re virtually guaranteed to find someone on Conner Four with whom you see eye to eye.


Class of 2016

Rhys Bendell rhyse912
Course II

Sin Kim kimsin98
Course VI

Laura Standley laura16
Course II
Floor chair

Christina Sung c_sung
Course II

Tamanna Islam Urmi urmiti
Course II

Class of 2017

Dhroova Aiylam dhroova
Course VI

Natalie Alper nbalper
Course II

Alexander Clifton aclifton

Maryann Gong mmgong
Course VI

Aofei Liu liuaofei
Course V

Botong Ma btma
Courses VI and XVIII

John Ma majohn
Course VI

Theron Nipson theronn
Course 6-2

Elizabeth Parizh lizpariz
Course 14

Daniel Richman ddr
Course 6-2

Hao Shen haoshen
Course VI
Vice chair Ottoman

Vincent Tjeng vtjeng
Course VI
Treasurer Filing cabinet

Class of 2018

Shaun Datta shaund
Course VIII

Sherri Green sagreen
Course 2

Eric Lacava elacava
Course VI

Robert Reed rlreed
Course XVI

Anuhya Vajapeyajula anuhyav
Course II

Class of 2019

Saroja Erabelli Erabelli
Course XVIII

Andrew He andrewhe
Course XVIII

Isabel Kaspriskie Isabelk
Course X

Erica Liu Ericaliu
Course Undecided

Cubby Ofori-Atta Kobbie
Course XX

Joanna Sands Joannas
Course VI
Computing chair

Monica Valcourt monicav
Course Undecided

Ben Wang bytheway
Course VIII

Baula Xu Baula
Course Undecided

Graduate resident tutor

Wendi Chang wchang7
Course VI

Pat Gregg pgregg
Course BU


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